Mount Saint Vincent University Athletics/Recreation Office

Athletics Recreation Yearbook

The Athletics Recreation Yearbook was published by the MSVU Athletics/Recreation Office from 1977-1985. The yearbook consists of photographs, team rosters, and highlights from the Athletics/Recreation Office.

Athletics Recreation Review

The Athletics Recreation Review was published by the MSVU Athletics/Recreation Office from 1986 - 2005. The review consists of yearly updates on MSVU varsity teams, recreation programs, and general office news.

Mystics Year in Review

The Mystics Year in Review is published by the MSVU Athletics/Recreation Office from 2006 - present. The review documents varsity teams, including photographs and team rosters, as well as overviews of recreation and fitness activities for the year.  

Mystics Athletics & Recreation Newsletter

The Mystics Athletics & Recreation Newsletter was published periodically by the MSVU Athletics/Recreation Office during 2007. The newsletter documents Athletics and Recreation events, news, and varsity game schedules.